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Our Mission

The LUMM (Let Us Make Men) Mentoring Organization specializes in educating and training the public, teachers, children, and anyone who desires to learn how to solve conflict constructively and peacefully. Our strategy is a balance between outreach into the streets and homes, with an evidence-based and researched approach to mentoring, conflict resolution, and violence prevention. The organization works as a community based organization (CBO) to address violence, especially gun violence in neighborhoods most challenged by violence and the trauma that is created as a result. Additionally, we design and implement curriculum, teach conflict resolution, and extend our specialists into schools and other organizations to deliver the same programs and curriculum

Recommended Books

Join us in educating our community and preparing to take the journey to make our community a safe and decent place to live by having the knowledge and information to empower your life.

Group of Friends

Programs & Services

  • Conflict Resolution Curriculum for Children and Teens

  • Conflict Resolution training for teachers, leaders, and CBO staff

  • Community events and National/International Conferences centered around the research and study of Conflict Resolution and Human Development.

  •  Mentoring Services for youth

  • School-Based outreach and training

  • Athletic and Entertainment activities


6945 S Stony Is Ave, Chicago, IL 60649, USA


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